We are Anchor&Belle


We love design that tugs at the heart strings and engages with the end users.  Clean design grounded by natural materials is combined with unique and locally crafted pieces to create a sense of luxury and belonging.

Anchor&Belle focus on continual refinement in residential design, from full projects through to additions and renovations of existing dwellings.  With a versatile team we can maximise your space with an intuitive design approach covering:

- Concept design and development

- Joinery design

- Documentation

- Project management

- Material and finishes selection

- Window furnishings

- Object curation


Our aim is to create a space with resonance, one that is designed to be experienced, not just photographed.  The effect is exclusive, but not branded; understated, deeply felt.  Not for us the world of 'off the shelf' or cliched - we are about considered, bold concepts and clever detailing, built on robust foundations.  We are pedantic about material quality and revere customisation and personalisation.  Our focus on the little details and our emphasis on craftsmanship means we select everything not only on form, but also on function.