The benefits of our turn-key packages

Save money when you buy a complete package from us. By taking away the costs of bricks and mortar presence, simplifying the procurement, manufacturing and logistics process and just being smart in our everyday business we are able to pass on competitive pricing to our clients. You can also claim tax deductions for the depreciation of your Anchor&Belle furniture packages, blinds & appliance packages, saving you even more money.

A picture tells a thousand words. If you have an investment property, bringing a completely styled property to the market creates interest, interest creates enquiries, and enquiries turn-into renters. Using our purpose-designed furniture packages will give your home an edge, guaranteeing bigger returns.


We love that with a few well-considered pieces, a person’s entire feeling in a space can change. Knowing how hard that selection can be for some, our curated collection of furniture for the Allure residences will take the hard work out of putting a complete look together.

All our prices include delivery, installation and removal of rubbish. Our team of interior designers & stylists will coordinate and arrange each piece to best compliment your rooms floor plan, light and aesthetics.