We are Anchor&Belle. Specialists in styling the interiors and exteriors of high-end properties across Australia. Our practice is driven by the principle of relaxed and easy living, or rather ‘the art of living simply’.

We love design that tugs at the heart strings and engages with the end users. Our approach is to step straight into our client's shoes for a moment and ask ourselves...'would this be a space where we'd love to spend time, engage with or feel at home?' Our interiors always respond to our basic needs as humans, not only as designers. Comfort and functionality are key.

Our aim is to create a space with resonance, one that is designed to be experienced, not just photographed. The effect is exclusive, but not branded; understated, deeply felt. Not for us the world of ‘off the shelf’ or clichéd – we are about considered, bold concepts and clever detailing, built on robust foundations. We are pedantic about material quality and revere customisation and personalisation. Our focus on the little details and our emphasis on craftsmanship means we select everything not only on form, but also on function.

Moreover, our deep understanding of the luxury residential and holiday market, has given us that special edge and we are now recognised by agents and developers as the go-to designers for styling homes to maximise their sale or rental price.

We are skilled in identifying buyer demographics and tastes to offer a bespoke styling service to every individual property to secure the best result possible. Our projects can range in scope from styling an empty home all the way through to simply giving a property a quick face-lift by adding some fresh linen and artwork to an existing furnished property to lift its appeal.

Some things Anchor&Belle can do for you:
• Source, style and install furniture, art, rugs and styling accessories
• Bespoke interior and exterior blinds and curtains
• Outdoor living area furniture and plant selection
• Tradespeople sourcing, project management
• Styling your property for photography and advertising

To find out more about Anchor&Belle, please feel free to contact one of our partners - Nina Caple +61 410 261 251 nina@anchorandbelle.com.au or Mei Chua +61 431 171 393 mei@anchorandbelle.com.au for a no obligation meeting, where we can help you to establish your vision and discuss how Anchor&Belle can transform your property.